How to choose ICO for investment?

25 October, 2017

You need experience in studying the project, in particular, its WhitePaper and RoadMap if you want to turn the next ICO into a source of large income in the future -. The right knowledge and the right vision of the potential will help you not to lose your choice and effectively invest your money. They are not responsible for your investments and it would be foolish to be guided by other people’s knowledge in such a risky branch. Recommendation: read the White Paper, regularly visit bitcointalk (the startup activity on this site speaks about its desire to develop and cost a transparent investment system along with the loyal community). Be familiarize with the advisers (most projects publish links to the profiles of their own advisers in the social channels). Take advantage of this. Talk, chat with people, and find out the details. The famous person in the Advisers block still does not say anything. There are cases when the scum projects published the founders of popular projects in order to attract money and deceive investors. Trust them, but do not forget to check everything. It would be superfluous to look into the most popular trackers. Even without money, the project can get there (because the administrator of any resource wants to show authoritativeness of his site and present several cool projects on it.) Therefore, administrators publish startup surveys on a voluntary basis to raise the prestige of the resource. Subscribe to social ICO channels, which you like and follow the publications. From our personal experience, we can say the following: using the above methods, you can significantly protect yourself from reckless investments and get a refund even if there are bad strategies on buybacks.