Gladius-protection. Overview of the blockchain anti-DDoS protective system

10 November, 2017

The Gladius project is a specialized network designed to protect Internet resources from DDoS attacks and other types of viruses. The problem with virus attacks is very large and requires the necessary attention. In just one year, the damage from this attacks amounted to about 150 billion dollars.

The most dangerous attacks happen with people, who have Internet business. The aim of this attacks – to hack large business companies or government organizations. One such attack can lose about 500 thousand dollars. In this case, the attack lasts more than six hours at a speed of 500 megabytes per second. At this time, the owner completely loses control of the system; the virus penetrates into all structures. Its goal – total control of the resource, blocking all owners’ manipulations. According to statistics, more than half of the resources were under attack of DDoS, which affected about 300 objects per year.

Protect system Gladius

The danger of this type attacks is not only that the owners of companies on the network lose huge amounts of capital, but also that users eventually cease to trust certain organizations. It undermines the fundamentals of the market.

The project organization

Gladius is a decentralized system that is based on the Ethereum blockchain. The main task of Gladius – the analysis and filtering of network, protocols controlof access. In addition, it is created to accelerate access to the sites with the CDN system use. With its help, all users of any type of computer technology can easily monetize the capacities that doesn’t worked.

The network is used not only to provide reliable protection against the virus of the specified type, but also to speed up the work with the sites. In it everything is optimized so that the presence of protection and careful filtering of addresses does not affect the speed of downloading sites.

Who is the developer of the Gladius network?

In a short time Gladius gained great popularity, but its developers was a team of students in Maryland. In early 2017, they began to develop a project that already shows impressive growth rates and benefits, both ordinary Internet users and miners.

It all began with study of blockchain technology and how it is used in the field of cybersecurity. The team of developers figured out, that old anti-viruses cannotprovide effective protectionfromDDoS attacks. Specialists decided to pay attention to the introduction of blockchain technology in protection processes. The Ethereum-system was chosen as an instrument. After that, in a couple of months the basic architecture was created. In the future, the team of developers were increased, which allowed to bring the network to the level at which we see it now.

Principles of Gladius work

Most of the DDoS attacks occurred because the server architecture did not have enough capacity to provide the necessary protection. As for the Gladius network, we have a decentralized structure of the p2p type. All computing power is distributed within its limits.

In simple words, the principle of this anti-virus network is similar to all traditional approaches. That is, the flow of information from a particular resource, that passes through the so-called balls of the system, during which they are carefully filtered. So you can prevent all virus attacks in future.

Gladius work platform

The Gladius network allows you to connect to the nearest available nodes to ensure protection and acceleration of the network. At the same time, the owners of the same nodes – considered miners, that receive currency. They use GLA tokens in the network. When the miner places his equipment on the market, he will receive the most part of the award, that is, tokens. And a smaller part of the income of each miner will be retained for client support in the system and further development. For the system, there is no difference in what type of operating system the particular node is based on. It can be both Windows and Mac. each miner will be retained for client support in the system and further development. No matter, in what type of operating system the particular node is based on. It can be both Windows and Mac – system can work with both.

Miners will receive tokens each time, when user connect to the node, it will make any request on the network. Tokens can not only be saved, but also sold back to the system.

Gladius used blockchain

The principle of the network is based on the blockchain system. The only difference is that the miners will receive tokens for providing disk space and distribution of capacity of the Internet connection. At the same time, each miner has the opportunity independently set the price for the services for providing his equipment. Other users can see all current market offers, based on which the relations between the parties in the system are formed.

The advantages of the Gladius network:

  • Presence of local economic environment. It operates a unique currency, provided only for this network – it is a GLA token. You can use these tokens to pay for any services inside the system. That is, if you want to order protection or acceleration of access, then you can use this particular currency. As for the advantages for owners of equipment who want to participate in a competitive market, they can monetize the power of their equipment, providing it to those who need reliable protection against virus attacks.
  • This project is not a server; it acts as an independent distribution network. Thus, it consists of many parts, each of which is working on processing any part of the load.
  • Fast access. If you use other methods of protection from this kind of virus, you might notice that if you work with it, it significantly slows down the main processes of the system, in particular, negatively affects the speed of downloading sites. The Gladius system provides an auxiliary component-an accelerator of access to Internet resources. This component is the Content Distribution network. The network minimizes delays in the transmission of any type of signals as efficiently as possible.
  • Simple interface organization, accessible to all users.
  • A large and reliable set of tools for analyzing Internet connections.
  • A lot of suggestions for each user. In the interface of the system, you can find different offers and choose from those that are more suitable for you according to the requirements of protection, location and price parameters.

Sales of GLA tokens

Not so long ago, the developers launched the preliminary stage of selling the tokens, which was completed on November 1. The upper expected threshold during this phase was $ 12.5 million. It is expected, that 30 million of not on sale tokens would be allocated to cover the costs of the system, and 10% will be distributed between developers and spending on marketing projects.

Distribution Gladius tokens

Plans and prospects of the platform development

The development of the network does not stops. At the beginning of spring,2018 the beta platform will start working. it is planned to publicly launch an improved version of the project with enhanced functionality and an improved service for customer support.

Perspectives Gladius platform

The undoubted advantage and innovation of the presented project is that every owner of powerful equipment and reliable Internet connections can start earn tokens in the system. Also everyone can become an investor of the forthcoming ICO-project.

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The main goal of the Gladius project is not only to reduce the number of virus attacks, but also to find ways to avoid them. This will bring the business online to a new level, making it more secure.