PlayKey review: a cloud resource for both miners and players

05 November, 2017

Modern digital world finds excellent prospects in decentralized systems and cloud technologies. Every user is able to experience some benefits from these innovations’ use cases. This article is an overview of PlayKey project, which is a decentralized cloud platform designed for online gaming.

Who is the target audience?

Cloud gaming is a household name, as many believe it to be the future of the world gaming industry. There are more than 2 billion gamers on our planet, with $110 billion involved in this sphere.

However, about 81% of these people cannot afford gaming on cutting-edge PCs. This percentage is the result of a data analysis conducted by Steam, where they compared typical computers to the Dishonored 2 system requirements.

PlayKey platform is created to help those players whose PCs are not capable of matching the requirements of modern games. Thanks to its high potential, they can forget about constant lagging in their favorite games like GTA due to the insufficient capacity of a network or PC.

How does PlayKey work?

To get started, you need to launch the program on your computer first. Then, your PC will connect and synchronize with the cloud system server. That being done, a game will be launched on the server, using the innovative Nvidia GPU. The video is usually streamed in Full HD with 60 FPS.

Game in streamed in full HD

PlayKey platform is based on the distribution of the synced PC power, that is, separate miners. It allows owners of comparably weaker hardware to play the games they want. There are also plans to support smartphones and smart TV sets.

You can try out the performance of this revolutionary platform right away. The only thing you need to do is visit its official website, using the link. Enjoy the modern gaming quality regardless of your hard disk’s state!

Can I use the PlayKey platform to play games on Mac?

You bet! Being connected to the platform, you will be surprised with the performance of the best modern games like GTA V on your MacBook. The service supports a vast range of popular games, as well asmultiplayer modes.

The platform operates according to the collaborative consumption and sharing economy. As the result, players get the excellent graphics quality in any games, while miners earn money by renting their devices no matter how powerful they are.

The history of PlayKey

Over a few years, the PlayKey platform has achieved the high level of development and general recognition.

  • 2013 begins to develop video streaming;
  • 2015 The cloud gaming service is launched;
  • 2016 The resource has more than 2.5 million users all over Europe;
  • 2017 PlayKey implements the blockchain technology and starts to sell its tokens.

The service is going to enter some major crypto exchanges by the end of 2017. Apart from that, there are plans to develop smart contracts between gamers and miners, which allow avoiding any intermediaries.

What are the prospects for the platform’s development?

The year 2018 will see the comprehensive set of measures aimed at the further development of the service. It includes:

  1. Major mining conferences in the USA, Europe, and Singapore;
  2. Creation of the unified pricing policy;
  3. Development of SLA for miners;
  4. Development of support programs for new GPUs;
  5. Providing support to miners with home computers;
  6. Involvement of more than 1000 miners from all corners of the world;
  7. Integration of side programs.

Future gaming wirh PlayKey

To date, the team of developers has achieved the community of 2,500,000 players. Furthermore, it is the support of 120 servers all over the world: in London, Moscow, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam. There have been more than $7,000,000 raised by investments. All of that is the result of the 45 experts’ efforts in course of four years. And that’s only the beginning!

Are there any benefits for miners?

Miners can sell earned tokens on exchanges and get either cryptocurrencies or fiat money (dollars, euros, etc.). Another option implies buying game keys in the PlayKey service.

Cloud gaming PlayKey

PlayKey miners will offer their price; the higher their hardware’s capacity, the more value it provides for users. That’s why each miner will earn money individually. Nonetheless, smart contracts with users will determine the miner’s income as well. That is, the more connected users this miner has, the higher income he gets.

Miners will be able to see a list of available games and decide, which ones they want to “rent”. They will pay 25% service fee for promotion and help. In case a miner does not know which games are in demand, he can make use of an automated demand-analyzing tool.

Hurry up to take part in the ICO!

Now, you still can participate in PlayKey token sale that is already open. At the moment, 830 participants contributed about 15,000 ETH, which adds up to more than $4,500,000.

The ICO details

There are only 27 days left! After the ICO, the service is going to open within six months.

Minimum token emission threshold is not specified; it is planned to create 100,000,000 PKT. Any unsold tokens are going to be eliminated automatically.

What can I do with these tokens after the ICO?

You will be able to sell your tokens through cryptocurrency exchanges. After the ICO, the tokens will be available only on digital currency exchanges.

The use of cloud services allows all the players to get access to the games they want. There is no need to think about where and how you can buy a gaming PC. With PlayKey, those who own cutting-edge GPUs will be able to earn more than by cryptocurrency mining. That is, the growth of this platform will bring lots of benefits for both players and miners worldwide.