Telos Foundation Forges Strategic Partnership with Atka to Propel European Expansion

The Telos Foundation has announced a significant step forward in its expansion strategy with a new strategic partnership alongside Paris-based Web3 incubator Atka. This collaboration aims to bolster Telos’ presence in France and across Europe while offering enhanced funding and networking opportunities for projects within the Telos ecosystem.

Telos, known for its robust tech infrastructure including Telos Zero, Telos EVM, and the upcoming zkEVM gaming sidechain K2-18, is poised for further growth and innovation. The recent introduction of SNARKtor, a protocol for decentralized recursive proof aggregation, underscores Telos’ commitment to scalability and efficiency.

Atka, with its track record of successful cohorts featuring projects like Mangrove, PlayMakers, and Morpho, brings a wealth of experience and resources to the partnership. Pierre Laurent, one of Atka’s co-founders, expressed enthusiasm about the alliance, citing Telos’ technical prowess and momentum as key factors in the decision.

The partnership comes at a pivotal moment for Telos, with recent additions to its leadership team and a rapidly expanding ecosystem boasting around 100 dApps and over $100 million USD in TVL. Executive Director John Lilic sees the collaboration as a catalyst for Telos’ ascent to becoming a leading network globally.

The joint efforts between Telos and Atka will focus on raising awareness of Telos in the French market and facilitating connections with investors seeking high-growth opportunities. This strategic alignment aims to leverage Telos’ strengths in technical innovation and community support, coupled with Atka’s network and expertise in fostering Web3 projects.

Telos, overseen by The Telos Foundation, remains dedicated to advancing blockchain technology for a more inclusive and efficient future. With its commitment to driving progress in the Web3 landscape, Telos is poised to capitalize on this strategic partnership to expand its reach and impact across Europe.

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